1. The term “company managers”, subject to any future amendments of the company’s articles of association and to any subsequent modifications of these terms and conditions, shall mean Aliki Anagnosti, Marina Spanou and Konstantina Tyrovola, hereinafter referred to as “the managers”, “we” or “us”.
  2. The term “company” or “our company” shall mean the company under the name A.ANAGNOSTI-M.SPANOU-K.TYROVOLA G.P. and the trading name YOURTRANSLATOR, which engages in the sectors of translation, subtitling, interpreting, and language services in general.
  3. The terms “website developer” and “technical support manager” shall mean our technical collaborator, Luis Alberto Gomez Maestre, who is the sole person authorised to edit our website, except in the case that he is unable to do so. Should such a case arise, the relevant technical services may be assigned to a third party, subject to these terms and conditions.
  4. The term “collaborator” shall mean any translator, interpreter, or language specialist (hereinafter referred to as “the collaborator”) who offers his/her services through and for the account of the company as a freelancer, developing a relationship of collaboration with the company. The collaborator has the appropriate qualifications and work experience that guarantee the quality of his/her services and the satisfaction of our clients. Where appropriate, and in the context of quality assurance, the collaborator shall be asked to submit to the managers a test translation for evaluation in order to determine the quality of his/her work. The collaborator shall be bound by these terms and conditions and the provisions of confidentiality and protection of personal data that apply to the company and its managers.
  5. The term “client” shall mean any natural or legal person, be it an individual or a company, wishing to employ our services in accordance with these terms and conditions and with the collaboration process stipulated herein.
  6. The term “services” shall mean the services mentioned on our website, including but not limited to translation, certified translation, proofreading, interpreting, transcription, and subtitling services, as well as any other services relevant to the above and in any case included in the sector of language services, subject to the agreement with the client (hereinafter referred to as “services”).
  7. The term “project” shall mean the file or the set of files submitted to us by the client for the provision of our services.
  8. The term “file” shall mean any file, editable or non-editable, mainly in electronic format but also in hard copy, which is provided by the client to the company for submission of a quote or for the provision of our services.
  9. The term “working languages” shall mean the languages in which our services are provided as mentioned on the website (hereinafter referred to as “languages”). The term shall also cover other languages beyond those cited, which may be added to our website at any time depending on the skills of new collaborators registered in our database and on our clients’ demands.


  1. In order to use our services, clients must transfer their file or files and/or supporting material, terminology or company details via our contact form or our email address (info@yourtranslator.gr) or in any other way as agreed upon in each case (e.g. via fax or post). Following receipt of the file or files, we shall submit a quote and/or a translation test which, depending on the length of the project, shall not exceed two hundred and fifty (250) words. Thereafter, and subject to the client's acceptance of said quote and/or test translation, an agreement shall be concluded between the client and the company, including pricing terms; the deadline of the project; and the final format of the deliverable or deliverables, according to the needs of the client and depending on whether the file(s) can be edited. Upon completion of the service, the company shall issue an invoice for the provision of services to the client. Depending on the volume of the project, we may ask for an advance payment of up to fifty percent (50%) to ensure payment of the service provided. The remainder shall be paid upon delivery of the translation and/or provision of any other services. That may not be deemed necessary in cases of frequent collaboration with a particular client. The invoice shall be sent to the client within five (5) calendar days as of completion of the service, to allow for potential requests by the client regarding further changes, additions, and/or editing. Payment must take place within ten (10) calendar days as of the issuance date of the invoice. Collaborators shall be paid by the company within a timeframe agreed upon beforehand. The payments are effected by deposit to a bank account and through Paypal.
  2. The prices of the services are determined on the basis of the project’s length; the degree of complexity in terms of the content and format of the files; and the source/target language combination(s). In the case of translation projects, the company offers clients a choice between (a) translation without revision, which is advisable in instances when the text is intended for internal use and/or personal purposes; and (b) translation including revision, which is recommended for official texts or texts destined for publication. Our goal is to provide clients with large or regularly reoccurring projects, the unemployed, and students with even better prices. Clients are encouraged to contact us at any time throughout the collaboration process with any questions or clarifications, using the media indicated on our website. In any and all cases, clients are encouraged to provide special terminology and/or any glossaries they wish to see used for their translation, as well as specific instructions regarding the purpose and style of the text(s), in order to prevent unnecessary delays and corrections.
  3. Should the quality of the deliverable(s) not be to the client’s satisfaction, the client shall discuss in detail the reasons for such dissatisfaction with the company and any reasonable and justified corrections/changes shall be performed free of charge. Should the client be completely dissatisfied with the quality of the deliverable(s), the text may be sent for review by a third party and the results of the review will be made available to the client. Should said results prove in favour of the client, the company shall provide the client with a new translation of the appropriate quality free of charge. Should the results of the review prove in favor of the company, the company shall assume no further obligations towards the client.
  4. Only the managers and/or the collaborator(s) working on the project shall have the right to access (a) the file(s) sent by the client; and (b) the quote submitted to him/her.


  1. Any personal data that belong to the company’s clients and collaborators shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of Law 3471/2006 on the protection of personal data and privacy in the electronic telecommunications sector, exclusively for the purpose of the collaboration with the client or collaborator. The only individuals authorized to access the above data shall be the managers and the developer of the website, only in so far as it is required for technical reasons and subject to these terms and conditions.
  2. The company shall keep under the strictest confidence any information it may acquire during its collaboration with the client and may not disclose any business secrets and information that may potentially damage the client. More specifically, the company shall be bound by the obligation of confidentiality both during its collaboration with the client and after completion of the project as regards confidential business matters and partner companies. Furthermore, the company must treat any privileged or proprietary information that has been disclosed to it due to its contact with the client as confidential.
  3. In cases when, during provision of its services, the company acquires and uses material that belongs to the client (e.g. data, files, software, reports, or other project deliverables, etc), the company may not make copies for own use.
  4. The company shall impose the same obligations on any and all of its employees and/or collaborators who have become aware of the confidential information, including for the period following project completion or after said employees and/or collaborators cease to be employed by or to provide their services to the company.